Wednesday, 24 August 2016

The Summer Lip Smackers

Ice Cream Lip Smackers, Lip Smackers

I'm sure you may be able to tell by this post but I have a bit of an obsession with flavoured lip balms, I love the Baby Lips ones and another well know lip balm brand Lip Smackers. Lip Smackers definitely have the most unusual lip balm flavours but in a good way! I recently came across Ice Cream and Lolly flavours and couldn't resist purchasing these on a whim. I bought two Mini Milk ones in the flavours Vanilla and Strawberry - the classic Mini Milk flavours and two Calippo ones in the flavours Orange and Lemon and Lime, yum! I wasn't expecting these to smell identical to the real things but they really do and I'm obsessed literally like having a Mini Milk and a Calippo in a tube, they're so true to the actual thing, they smell so so nice and I'm so glad I picked these up, aside from the amazing smells they're hydrating too and are perfect for keeping in your handbag!

Have you tried these before?


Monday, 22 August 2016

Summer Beauty Picks

Beauty, Summer Beauty Picks

I've been starting to switch up my make up now and use more Summery pieces now that Summer is in full swing and the first product is MACs Girl About Town lipstick which is a super bright pink, ideal for those Summer days when you want a nice pop of colour! Another bright pink product that I've added to my make-up bag is the Revlon Liquid Lipstick, which is again perfect for those days when you want the focus to be on your lip and also a bright pink lip gloss from Beauty UK. For a nude option I've dug out an old favourite of mine and that is the Maybelline Elixir in the shade Petal which is a super subtle baby pink with glitter, the finish is so smooth and the applicator itself is super super soft and it's smells nice too, bonus!

The base of my make-up pretty much never changes, I love the Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation in Summer it just makes my skin have a slight dewy glow which is exactly what I'm after for the warmer days. For an extra added glow on the cheekbones - can't go wrong with highlighter in the Summer - I've been reaching for the MUA Highlighter, it's amazing for the price and the finish is too pretty with such a nice shimmer and highlight.

I've actually just realised most of these products are actually pink...oops. So for eyeshadow I'll try and act like it's not Pink but yep you guessed it's a pink based palette from Sleek which is the Oh So Special palette which is heading straight to the top of my favourite palettes!

I'm clearly loving the pink! 


Thursday, 18 August 2016

Random July Favourites

Random Monthly Favourites, Random Favourites, Disney, Girly

I thought I'd do a little separate favourites post with lots of random things that I've also been loving. So TV to start with and that TV show is One Tree Hill I used to love this show and still do now (yes I'm rewatching it..again) if you haven't seen it definitely give it a try, it's such a good show!

Next is a bit of a store favourite and that's ASOS..well ASOS's new Disney Section to be exact, if you didn't know and you're a Disney lover like I am ASOS have added lots of new Disney products and they're amazing if I could have every single one..I so would find it here if you fancy a browse.

The ASOS Disney section brings me on to another favourite of mine which is from the ASOS Disney Section and that's a Minnie Mouse handbag, I just love it a lot, it's super cute and has a lot more room in that you would think which I was supposed about I was definitely expecting it to be a lot smaller.

A fashion favourite of mine has been Pinafore dresses I love the style of them and think they're so nice as well as being versatile as you can style them an wear them all year round.

I love writing I really do and lately I've been finding it hard to try and remember every little thing to do for the week so decided to start writing out little weekly to -do lists and it's helped so much is so nice to get everything down on paper and ticking it off is so satisfying I find myself being a lot more productive than I normally would be. I love lists!

 I've also written myself a little Summer to do list (inspired by Sophie Fosters) full of all the things I'd like to do this Summer (I did a little post about ideas of things to do this Summer which you can find here) so I'm hoping having wrote it down again will mean I will do a lot more things this Summer.

I'd seen this new app Game floating about and being mentioned quite a bit and eventually downloaded to try and I'm obsessed with this game, the game is Best Fiends, I'm sure you've heard of it too right? It's a really great game and you'll find yourself on it for hours, if you have it what level are you guys on?

Onto a song favourite now and it's DNCE's Cake By The Ocean, it's so catchy need I say anymore?

Finally, some YouTube favourites now I've been loving Gabbies (Velvet Gh0st) Vlogs (her Vlog channel Planet Gabb) I love her shelf chats and her food shopping hauls. another YouTube favourite is Niomi Smart I really like her what I eat in a day videos and her vlogs also really been loving Zoe's (Zoella) vlogs as well she's just so lovely!

So that's my random favourites this month quite a few actually oops! What random things have you been loving?


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