Thursday, 17 March 2016

The Girly Night Essentials

Girly Night Essentials, Girly Nights

It's always nice to have a relaxing and chilled girly night isn't it? Just to put everything away and chill out..sounds good! So here are some of my girly night essentials.

  • FOOD - Whether it's Pizza, Popcorn or Chocolate or hey all of the above having a girly night is definitely a good excuse to eat some of the food we've been trying to stay off after Christmas..I've already failed on that one, it's just too good!
  • COSY - Cushions, blankets and cosy cute slippers are ideal especially when it's such cold weather, I love these unicorn slippers, they're so cute and keep my feet nice and warm, win win. 
  • DISNEY MOVIES - Because everyone loves a Disney movie!
  • HOT CHOCOLATES - This is a chance for you to go all out with the hot chocolates and put whatever you like as toppings, I did a little post on toppings if you need some inspo. 
  • BEAUTY PRODUCTS - Nail Polishes, Face Masks whichever you prefer get all pampered up ready to chill out and watch some movies.



  1. I absolutely love your slippers - where are they from?
    Lucy @ Lucy—Loves xx

  2. This is exactly how I would have it too! I miss these nights. I think I'll have to organise one now after reading this!

    1. Gotta love a good girly night, it's needed sometimes! x

  3. I love girly nights in! Think my list would include a few glasses of wine though lol. x

    1. Hahaa! Girly nights are fab and are definitely needed sometimes! x

  4. Great post! Definately essensials!! Barry M is the best :)


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