Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Nivea Micellar Water and Nivea Eye Make Up Remover Review

Nivea, Nivea Micellar Water Review, Nivea Eye Make Up Remover Review, Nivea Skincare

I recently received a lovely range of products from Nivea to try out. I've been trying out Niveas Eye Make Up Remover* and Niveas Gentle Caring Micellar Water* for dry skin. I definitely suffer from dry skin in the Winter months and with this extremely cold weather we've been having (currently writing this wearing a hat and with a blanket, told you it was cold) I've already noticed my skin drying up so this sounded ideal for me right now.

I have never purchased an Eye Make Up Remover before, I just use whatever micellar water or make up cleanser cream for all over. However after giving this a go I may just start purchasing one. This was super gentle on my eyes, all it took was a few drops onto a cotton pad and for you to hold it onto your eye, it was that simple and leave a few minutes, then remove and I was amazed at how just doing that it removed a lot of my eye make up off in one go, then I just gently wiped over my eye to remove any remaining eye make up easily, I was definitely impressed with this and found it super gentle even with my dry skin.

For the Nivea Micellar water which is specifically for dry skin (perfect). I then removed my remaining face make up off with this, it's so gentle and I didn't find my skin feeling sore afterwards, just hydrated. I don't know if this is as good as my Garnier Oil Infused Micellar water I'd have to do a compare post for that one I think. But this is a really great micellar water especially if you suffer from dry skin, so if you're on the lookout for one I'd definitely give this a go! Yay Nivea!

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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Autumn/Winter Make Up Picks

Autumn Winter Makeup Picks, Autumn Winter Make Up Picks

When it comes to Autumn and Winter I tend to Change my make up a little adding more hydrating products and going glitter heavy over the festive season (Christmas picks post coming soon!)

First up is the Goddess of Love highlighter (I've seen a unicorn one on Instagram, need!) I love that it's heart shaped makes it that extra bit cute and the highlighter itself is really pigmented it's such a pretty highlight and lovely for adding that little bit of extra glow.

Now you're probably wondering why Bio Oil is on my make up picks well if you seen my last post (here) I recently learnt mixing bio oil on your foundation keeps it that extra bit moisturising and gives your skin this amazing glow! One of my favourite powders from the drugstore is the Make Up Revolution powder, I use this all the time - definitely my go to!

Gold and Bronze eyeshadows (especially all the glitter) I tend to reach for all the time, this Collection palette is full of pretty shimmery shades and are all really wearable for £3 I love it, bargain! Also you cannot go wrong with the Maybelline Tattoo in On and On Bronze - ultimate favourite!

For lip products I've picked a Winter Baby Lips lip balm and Barry M Lip Oils all super hydrating to make sure my lips stay nice and moisturised in the cold weather.



Monday, 21 November 2016

Stampin'Up! UK Oh Happy Day Card Making Kit Review

crafting kits, card making kits, oh happy day kit, stampin up kit review, oh happy day kit review, stamping, stamps, craft, crafts, crafting
crafting kits, card making kits, oh happy day kit, stampin up kit review, oh happy day kit review, stamping, stamps, craft, crafts, crafting

This Christmas Gift Idea is for all you crafty people out there. Personally I love crafts, being able to make things I find it so fun. I was kindly gifted the Oh Happy Day kit* from Stampin'Up! UK. The kit includes everything you will need to create 20 cards. In the box includes instructions and pictures of the types of cards you can create. It all comes in a nice cardboard box which I love because you can make one card, package it all away nicely and grab it again when you feel like it. I'm  definitely one of those people that do find instructions hard to follow (flat pack furniture grrr..) and it took me a while but I eventually got the hang of it..sorta. I found that copying the picture of the cards much easier and fun to follow and create. This box is great to get everyone involved (I did) to have family time away from everything and create some special cards.

crafting kits, card making kits, oh happy day kit, stampin up kit review, oh happy day kit review, stamping, stamps, craft, crafts, crafting

Everything in the box is precisely cut so it's easily popped out and takes no time at all, all you'll need is some scissors to cut the string provided and some form of glue (a Pritt Stick worked well for me). I had a lot of fun putting all the crafting bits and pieces together to create a card.

However the stamping part is where I struggled a bit (this definitely takes a bit of practice if you can do this in one well, then 4 for you Glen Coco). As you can see from the attempts pictures above some of them didn't quite come out as clear as I'd hoped but can be easily filled in with a black felt. I love the way the stamps are peel-able and reusable, I just think maybe I would've liked the ink box to be slightly bigger for the more bigger stamps as I found it tricky to get some of the stamps covered in the ink properly (as you can probably tell by the pictures above) However I did find that if you peeled your word stamp off, dabbed it in the ink and applied to the stamp block (which sticks insanely well and doesn't budge at all, so good!) it works a lot better, hey practice makes perfect right?

crafting kits, card making kits, oh happy day kit, stampin up kit review, oh happy day kit review, stamping, stamps, craft, crafts, crafting
crafting kits, card making kits, oh happy day kit, stampin up kit review, oh happy day kit review, stamping, stamps, craft, crafts, crafting
crafting kits, card making kits, oh happy day kit, stampin up kit review, oh happy day kit review, stamping, stamps, craft, crafts, crafting

Overall I (and members of my family) had a lot of fun competing with each other seeing who could make the best card (in case your wondering I lost..sister won) and think this would be a great gift for families to do together, working together and getting some pretty cards out of it!

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Thursday, 17 November 2016

3 Products I'd Repurchase

3 Products I'd Repurchase

First on the list of Products I'd repurchase is the Sleek Oh So Special Palette I've actually been picking up this palette so often recently the shades are beautiful. This is the first time I've tried the eyeshadow palettes from Sleek but I'd seen so many people raving about these and now I can see why they are definitely up there with the top drugstore palettes for sure!

The Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser works wonders in evening out and softening your skin before applying make up, I find if I don't use these my make up applies so much more cakey than it would without, definitely my favourite primer at the moment.

Finally, MACs Lipstick Brave I bloomin' love this one it's such a pretty nude pink shade and the staying power on MAC lipsticks is amazing I'm always on the lookout for dupes so if you know one for this let me know, but this is probably my most used Lipstick from MAC, I love it.



Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Collection Illuminating Foundation Review And Testing Out A Beauty Hack

Collection Illuminating Touch Foundation, Beauty Hack

After receiving a recent email containing a beauty hack idea my first thought was 'how have I not thought of this?!' And secondly was 'I have to give this a try' so that's exactly what I did! What was this beauty hack you may ask? Well, it was suggesting to mix bio oil into your foundation to give you luminous skin and I'm such a fan of glowy and dewy foundations that I couldn't wait to give this a go.

I was kindly gifted the Collection Illuminating Foundation* to test out this beauty hack with but as I'd never actually tried this foundation out or tried any foundations from Collection before I thought I'd add a mini review into the post as well. First impressions this foundation is pretty incredible, it does exactly what it says and leaves a natural glow, it blended really nicely and was a great medium coverage (and that was applied without using a primer..ooops). I was so impressed with this foundation it left my skin feeling hydrated and didn't cake over dry patches leaving my skin almost looking dare I say it..airbrushed yep, I went there. Unfortunately I was sent this in the shade Warm Beige 4 which is much too dark for my skin tone but I think I will be purchasing this again in the shade Porcelain because I was that impressed with it. If you love a glowy look, I'd definitely recommend giving this one from Collection a go.

So to test out this beauty hack I took Collections Illuminating Touch Foundation and mixed two pumps of this with two drops (I think one would also be enough!) of my bio oil and mixed them together using my real techniques expert face brush and applied straight to my skin. This foundation is already dewy and glowy but hey..a little more hydration in this cold weather can't hurt right? Mixing these two together created such a nice glow on my skin, making my skin look so much healthier, it felt softer and the bio oil made it smell nice too! Throughout the day my skin felt a lot more hydrated than usual. So now I'm going to try this out with my regular foundations, as I said this one is too dark for my skin tone. But I'm impressed with this beauty hack, it gets a big thumbs up from me and is perfect for keeping your skin extra hydrated in the Winter as mine tends to get dry in the cold weather. Definitely give this one a try if you love a glowy look or suffer from dry skin!

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Friday, 11 November 2016

Beauty Haul

Beauty Haul

Yep..I've been on a teeny bit of a beauty spree again I didn't go too crazy! But I've picked up a few beauty items that I've had my eyes on for aaaages.

I've seen brightly coloured eyeshadow palettes everywhere at the moment and loved the look of the MUA Poptastic Palette and the Make Up Rev Mermaids VS Unicorns (heart the name) these are both so so pretty I just hope that I can figure out make up looks with these ones as there definitely a branch out from what I usually go for.

To keep my lips hydrated in the Winter and cold weather..its been freezing hasn't it? I purchased both of the Barry M Lip Oils, fingers crossed these do the job!

Finally heart eye emoji again for the Goddess Of Love Highlighter from I Heart Make Up, it's in a heart shape which of course I love and it's so so beautiful, I love it.



Monday, 7 November 2016

Christmas Gift Ideas: Boxcitement Stationery Subscription Box

Boxcitement Subcription Box Review, Stationery Subscription Boxes, Christmas Gift Ideas, Stationery Christmas Gift Ideas

It's the first post in my Christmas Gift Idea posts yay! Today's Gift Idea is for the Stationery lovers in your life and this is the Boxcitement Stationery Subscription Box. One thing I LOVE about mystery sub boxes is that you'll never know what your going to receive bringing back those exciting times when you were 5 paying a £1 for a lucky dip bag ahh those were the days!

Boxcitement Subcription Box Review, Stationery Subscription Boxes, Christmas Gift Ideas, Stationery Christmas Gift Ideas

Boxcitement kindly gifted me the October Box* to share with you so I can give you a bit of an idea of what you can expect. Each month Boxcitement choose a specific theme - again you won't know what it is, till you receive it, exciting! Octobers Theme was Patternista and contained so many cute and handy little things each with different patterns on.

Boxcitement Subcription Box Review, Stationery Subscription Boxes, Christmas Gift Ideas, Stationery Christmas Gift Ideas
Boxcitement Subcription Box Review, Stationery Subscription Boxes, Christmas Gift Ideas, Stationery Christmas Gift Ideas
Boxcitement Subcription Box Review, Stationary Subscription Boxes, Christmas Gift Ideas, Stationary Christmas Gift Ideas

The Box contained:

  •  Towel with an exclusive pattern
  •  Storage Labels 
  •  Bookmark 
  •  A Bracelet crafted with handmade etched glass patterned beads
  •  Four Mini Gift Cards each with a cute Patternista design
  •  A sheet of patterned decoupage paper
  •  A Sugar Skull Emery Board
  • Cute Ribbon 

So if your unsure what to get the stationery fan these are definitely a sweet idea. The box itself comes in a small box that fits through the letter box easily so no need to stay in to wait for it - even I was amazed how they managed to fit all that into such a small box.

As its nearing Christmas Boxcitement are also releasing limited edition one-off Christmas Boxes and Mini Boxes from this month which would make an ideal Gift for anyone with a love of stationery or crafting so be sure to check those out on their website.

I also have been given a discount for you guys so you can get 10% off all their monthly subscriptions with the code "FIRSTBOX" 

Stay tuned for more Christmas Gift Ideas! 

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Thursday, 3 November 2016

October Favourites

October Favourites, Monthly Favourites

Hope you all had a lovely Halloween! It's November so you know what that means..it's monthly favourites time again! First on my favourites is the Chunky Kit Kat Cookie Dough, I love Kit Kats and I love Cookie Dough so this combination is heart eye emoji, any of you tried it?

Two TV favourites now first is The Great British Bake Off - I can't bake for toffee but I love this show one side effect of this show however, it makes you hungry, very hungry unless that's just me.. Onto my second TV favourite and thats The X Factor I always look forward to watching this show..whos everyones favourites I'd love to know?

Only one beauty favourite for last month and its Sleeks All Night Long Palette, it's full of golden, brown and bronze shades with a mix of shimmery and matte shades. They're all so pigmented just like Sleek palettes are known for and they blend so nicely. I currently only have two sleek palettes at the moment but I definitely want to get some more, they're such good quality!


Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Beauty Advent Calendars 2016

Beauty Christmas Advent Calendars 2016, Beauty Advent Calendars, Christmas Beauty Advent Calendars

It's time for my annual Christmas Beauty Advent Calendar post, this just gets me so excited for all things Christmas! I have a lot of Calendars to get through a mix between bargain calendars and more luxury end ones so let's gets started!

Tanya Burr 12 Days Of Christmas - £15
"The countdown to the party season is on with my 12 days Christmas Beauty Advent Calendar! Behind every door there's an extra special limited edition treat so you can shimmer and sparkle on every occasion."

The Body Shop 24 Happy Days - £60
"Gift the gift of 24 cheeky surprises this Christmas. Each drawer contains a treat from bestsellers to brand new body care, skincare, makeup and accessories ranges."

The Vintage Cosmetics Company 12 Days To A Beautiful Christmas Advent Calendar - £65
"With 12 carefully selected full size beauty tools and accessories, this calendar is sure to make you look and feel gorgeous for the big day." 

L'Occitane Christmas Advent Calendar - £42
"Featuring a selection of best sellers, this calendar is filled with 24 irresistible beauty products. Indulge a loved one or treat yourself to a luxurious pre-Christmas gift with the L'Occitane Beauty Advent Calendar."

Yankee Candle Advent Calendar 2016 - £20
"Let the countdown to the big day begin with this stunning Yankee Advent Calendar. With 23 Yankee Candle Tea Lights and a Christmas Eve Votive Candle to ensure that Christmas Morning is festively fragrant."

Feel Unique Magic Of Beauty - £30
"Tis the Season for a little magic and mystery! Created in collaboration with Fashion Illustrator Meredith Wing, our fabulously Festive Magic of Beauty calendar contains 12 days of beauty surprises. Open the doors to find skincare, bath, haircare and makeup treats from star brands Nuxe, Percy & Reed, Decleor, Rimmel and more. It's the perfect Christmas gift for friends, family or yourself!"

ASOS The Beauty Advent Calendar - £50
"Contents are worth £175 contains 24 products including make up hair care and skincare."

House Of Fraser Advent Calendar - £25
"This Christmas - we are unveiling a brand new Beauty Advent Calendar - 2016 Edition! Featuring a selection of own-brand 'Colour Couture' make up must haves; to party perfect eye pencils to nifty nail art pens, luscious lip glosses to nail caviar. There's a pre-Christmas pampering treat everyday up until the big day itself. Housed in an eye-catching black matte fairytale house-inspired box, this year you can countdown to Christmas in style." 

The Body Shop 24 Happy Days Deluxe - £80
"Give the gift of 24 days of cheeky surprises this Christmas. Each drawer contains a treat from bestsellers to brand new body care, skincare, makeup and accessories ranges."

Make Up Revolution Beauty Advent Calendar - £40
A Make Up Beauty Advent Calendar from the popular Drugstore brand, the perfect daily treat for any make up lover.

Flutter Beauty Advent Calendar - £12
"Countdown to Christmas with 24 mini surprises for your eyes and lips."

Clarins Advent Calendar - £95
"A must have present or purchase for any Clarins fan! The Clarins Advent Calendar features a range of hero products and Clarins accessories!" 

Mad Beauty's Advent Calendar - £20.95
"The gift that keeps giving, a beauty gift behind every door."

Charlotte Tilbury - World Of Legendary Parties - £150
"Treat yourself, or a loved one, to my award-winning treats throughout the holiday season. The calendar features an assortment of my 12 travel-size beauty icons." 

Ghost 12 Days Of Christmas - £70
"Bursting with beauty treats and your favourite Ghost fragrances. You'll have to open each door in the 12 days to Christmas to find out what's inside!"

The Vintage Cosmetics Luxury Advent Calendar - £125
"This 24 day advent calendar has a full size beauty tool or accessory behind every door so by the time Christmas arrives, you'll have beauty at your fingertips." 

Benefit Girl O Clock Rock - £34.50
"Tick tock, Christmas Party rock...with 12 bestsellers around the clock! Open each of the 12 doors to receive goodies galore!"

Sweet Snuggles 12 Days Of Christmas - £16
"Countdown to Christmas with 12 gorgeous Vanilla and Christmas Cookie fragrance Sweet Snuggles Treats. Each window reveals the cuddliest, toastiest and cutest goodies inside." 

Yankee Candle Holiday Party - £24.99
"Contains 23 tea lights and 1 votive candle."

Technic 12 Days Of Xmas Beauty Advent Calendar - £16
"What better way to countdown to Christmas than a 12 days of Christmas Beauty Advent Calendar. Enjoy a surprise beauty treat each day, from lip glosses to blushers, there is something for everyone - perfect!"

Look Fantastic The Beauty Secret Advent Calendar - £70
"Behind each door up until Christmas, we have placed a mix of deluxe sample size and full size products for you to try out and use. We don't want to give The Beauty Secret away but the advent contains a mix from all your beauty essentials including: haircare, skincare, bodycare and make up treats. Yours for only £70 and worth over £300 it's a great pre-Christmas gift or treat for you and a nice way to discover new brands and products that you may not have discovered before."

Diptyque Advent Calendar - £250
"Make this years countdown to Christmas extra special with Diptyques luxurious advent calendar."

ASOS 12 Days Of Christmas - £50
"Contains 24 products includes skincare makeup and hair care, contents worth £175."

Molton Brown Scented Luxuries - £150
"Behind each door a richly scented little luxury is hidden; indulgent gifts to prepare for the festivities."

Bare Minerals Countdown To Gorgeous - £75
"Each door reveals and glamorous goodie, perfectly picked for festive get-togethers and magical moments under the mistletoe. Get whisked away to a joyful celebration and countdown to gorgeous with a bevy of beauty." 

Studio London 12 Days Of Christmas - £16
"Imagine having the delight of a little present everyday for 12 days in the form of a nail polish? Each day you'll find a nail polish to take you through Christmas, and into the New Year. The Calendar features four glitter nail polishes and eight hi-shine  nail polishes." 

Jack Wills Advent Calendar - £35
"This exciting Jack Wills Advent Calendar is packed with mini beauty and body goodies! Find a beauty must have behind every window, and enjoy the countdown to Christmas in style."

The Body Shop 24 Happy Days Ultimate - £99
"Go completely bananas with surprises in the run up to Christmas with our Ultimate Advent Calendar. Brimming with Amazing Treats from our bodycare, skincare, makeup and accessory ranges it really is a gift that keeps on giving - for 24 days in fact."

Beauty Junkie 7 Day Surprise - £10
"Give someone special or treat yourself to a week of fabulous beauty discoveries. Look behind the windows to reveal a stunning new product and get your beauty fix every day of the week."

Technic Cube Beauty Advent Calendar - £20
"This compact cube is filled with 24 cosmetic goodies!" 

Yankee Candle Party Pavillon - £29.99
"Countdown to Christmas in style with this beautiful limited edition advent calendar. Each door reveals a tea light candle or votive candle in one of nine fabulously festive fragrances." 

NYX Professional Make Up Advent Calendar - Wanderlust - £60
"Discover a world of velvety, rich colour inside the NYX Professional Make Up Limited-Edition Wanderlust Advent Calendar."

No 7 Bright Lights Big City Beauty Calendar - £39
Contains 24 NO 7 Beauty Products.

Liberty London - £165
"This festive season explore the very best The Liberty Beauty Hall has to offer with the ultimate in Beauty Advent Calendars." 

Cowshed Beauty Advent Calendar - £85
"Packed with 24 of our most-loved Cowshed products, our deluxe advent calendar is full of surprises. With a wide selection of natural skincare, hand care and bath and body treats for seriously indulgent pampering throughout the holiday season, it's guaranteed to delight Cowshed devotees as well as making the perfect introduction to the range." 

Selfridges Eclectic Little Luxuries - £95
"Bringing together the best of beauty including YSL, Lancome, Viktor and Rolf, Kiehls and Urban Decay. Selfridges Eclectic Little Luxuries Advent Calendar is here to make the countdown to Christmas even more magical."

Sanctuary Spa The Let Go Days Of Christmas - £25
"Make the run up to Christmas that little bit more special with our Let Go Days Of Christmas advent calendar. Each door promises something new so let every morning welcome you with a Gorgeous  little treat to put a smile on your face." 


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