Wednesday, 5 April 2017

A BIG Birthday Wishlist

It's officially my Birthday month eeek! So I've put together a little Wishlist of all the cute things I've been drooling over recently! How cute is the Beauty and the Beast Tsum Tsums?! When I found out they'd released a Malteaser box of just the Malteaser chocolates from the Celebrations I wanted them straight away they're SO nice!

Birthday Wishlist

Birthday Wishlist




  1. Eee, exciting! It's my birthday in May so I need to start churning up some ideas too! I love the blue pouch with eyes - I saw the whole collection in Superdrug the other day, they're so fun!xx

    Lucy x |

  2. What a cute collection of things. I love the makeup bits!

    Louisa |


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