Saturday, 1 April 2017

New In From Nivea

Nivea Creme and Oil Pearls, Nivea Silk Shower Mousse, New Nivea Releases

Nivea Shower Creme and Oil Pearls*
You know when you first try out a product and you know from the first use you're going to love it? Yeah that's what happened when I first tried this out. This shower Creme contains argan oil which is ideal for hydrating skin, argan oil has been added to a lot of lip products to maintain hydrated lips. The Creme itself is like something The Little Mermaid would use, I loved it instantly, the Creme is a pearl texture with small pearls in that are not harsh on the skin in any way they just gently exfoliate the skin while making you look like a sparkly Princess as you rub it in forming into a foam and when it's washed off leaving it feeling clean and soft. It's a Princess worthy Shower Creme and its my new favourite shower product - Nivea are becoming my favourite brand for these products. This is available in three scents Ylang Ylang - which is the one I have and I think it's the perfect scent that no one wouldn't like it's not too strong and not too light, Cherry Blossom - which I now want and Lotus - in case you haven't guessed I want this too now!

Nivea Silk Shower Mousse*
Another new product from Nivea is a Silk Shower Mousse the first thing I really liked about this is that it has a scratch and sniff sticker so you can test the scent before you buy it this is seriously so good! There's so many times you want to sniff a product to see if you like the scent or not and you can't so I love the fact they've done this, well done Nivea! Now for the product itself I've never known or tried a shower mousse before especially if I read the instructions right you apply just before you get into the shower it basically looks just like a hair mousse and you rub it onto your skin which lathers and sinks in really quickly and you just wash it off in the shower it's so good in the mornings when you want a quick shower in a hurry leaving your skin feeling silky smooth and soft.
Nivea are smashing it with their bath body and shower ranges right now *heart eye emojis*


*This post contains PR Samples


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