Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Crafty Creatives | A Craft Subscription

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Crafty Creatives is a lovely little subscription service for all the crafty people out there. Each month you can get sent a little craft kit containing everything you need to create the little project for that month.

So to show you a sneaky peek of what you can expect I kindly got sent the craft kit* for last month, to get my craft on. For this I received everything to make a cute little concrete plant pot from scratch. The kit itself included easy to follow, step by step instructions and included everything you'd need to make it which I liked. As some kits sometimes need a few additional extra bits and pieces but not with this.

I followed the instructions but had my doubts that I wouldn't make it as pretty as it looked in the picture (always happens right?) but it was still really fun to make! Concrete Plant Pots are really in trend right now, they're literally everywhere as is copper! So I was excited to see the finished result. After using the moulds and mixing the concrete together (thanks to Be My Anchor for helping me out) you simply had to leave it for a few days to fully set, then it would be ready to paint with the prettiest metallic copper paint.

After leaving it for a few days so the cement was definitely all set, next was to remove the moulds, these were just made out of cardboard so all you had to do was rip it away, easy. After the moulds were removed I left my pot a further day as the cement still felt a little tacky too paint. Once it was all set, it was painting time.

Crafts, Crafty Creatives, Concrete Plant Pot, Crafts, Crafting, DIY, Homeware, Subscription Service, Subscriptions, Craft Subscription Service

And this is my finished result ta-da, what do you think? I'm really happy with how it turned out it's so cute! I finished mine by popping in a flower but I think this is also great to keep in little trinkets. There's something so nice about knowing you made it from scratch, which is why I love crafts! And I thoroughly enjoyed doing this one.

If you're a craft fan or know of one definitely have a look at the Crafty Creatives Subscription service.

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Thursday, 24 August 2017

Sensodyne Pronamel Toothpaste

Sensodyne Strong and Bright Enamel Toothpaste, Sensodyne Toothpaste Review, Sensodyne Pronamel Toothpaste Review

I've been testing out a new toothpaste recently which is the Pronamel Strong and Bright Enamel* Toothpaste. This particular one is to protect your teeth from acidic foods because these foods can damage your teeth enamel over time. So even though you're being super careful with eating healthy fruits and juices, it's not so healthy for your teeth and that's where this toothpaste comes to the rescue. The Strong and Bright Enamel helps you look after and protect your teeth from the acidity in foods and drinks and allows you to keep them nice and white as well which is a definite bonus in my eyes!
This toothpaste is definitely more on the very strong minty side which definitely leaves your breath feeling and smelling super super fresh! I think with continuous use this will really help protect, brighten and whiten your teeth. If you tend to have a lot of fruits or juices in your diet, this is definitely worth a try. Also another thing I want to mention is drinking through straws tends to protect the whiteness of your teeth too!

You can find this Pronamel Toothpaste in Boots for around £5!

What are your top tips for protecting your teeth?

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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Summer Make Up

Summer Make Up Picks

When it comes to Summer, I love digging through my make up and changing up some products that I haven't used in a while or that I've completely forgotten about. I encourage you to do this if you haven't you'll find some hidden gems and some old favourites.

Friday, 18 August 2017

My Go To Summer Fragrance

Summer Fragrance, Summer Fragrances, Body Fantasies Body Spray

The one fragrance I always used throughout the Summer is my Pink Grapefruit Body Fantasies* Body Spray. I love these little fragrances especially because you can buy them in small bottles as well as bigger versions. I love the little versions and think they're the perfect size for popping into your bag. The container of the fragrance is a soft plastic, so no worries of it smashing and leaking everywhere either. I have done a review on some of the Body Fantasies* so you can read that here if you like! One thing I have noticed since using these a while now though is that sometimes I find that they don't spritz too well and just leaks, so they can be a little messy. It really does depend, sometimes it's completely fine and spritzes perfectly other times a bit leaky. But nonetheless it doesn't take away how much I like the Body Fantasies fragrances as a whole. This one in particular as you would probably expect has a lovely fruity scent, if you tend to like fruity fragrances I think you'd really love the Pink Grapefruit scent. It might just be my favourite scent from their range so far! It lingers for a while and even with the smaller bottled versions, they really do last a while.

What're go to Summer scents?

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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Summer Lip Products

Summer Lips, Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Gloss, Tanya Burr Cosmetics, NYX Lip Cream

I thought it was time to change up my make up and introduce more Summery make up products. Which of course means lip products too. The first addition into my make up bag is the NYX lip cream in the shade Sydney. I love this lip cream. It applies really evenly and smoothly, it dries quickly into a matte finish but I don't find it too drying at all. The shade Sydney is a really pretty lilac and baby pink shade. I was obsessed with liquid lipsticks last year and this was a huge favourite.

Monday, 7 August 2017

New Beauty Releases

I couldn't wait to tell you some of the exciting new Beauty Releases that are just released or due out very very soon! Squeals!

Friday, 4 August 2017

July Favourites

Monthly Favourites, Geek Girl, Switched At Birth, Mad Beauty, Oh K Lip Balms

I've got lots of various favourites from July to share with you, so lets start with beauty products!
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