Friday, 4 August 2017

July Favourites

Monthly Favourites, Geek Girl, Switched At Birth, Mad Beauty, Oh K Lip Balms

I've got lots of various favourites from July to share with you, so lets start with beauty products!

First beauty favourite that I've been absolutely loving is OH K! Lip Balms, aren't these the cutest things you have ever seen?! I love them, they're so adorable, they smell amazing and keep my lips nice and moisturised.

Mad Beautys clip on hand sanitizers* are my second beauty favourite. I mentioned these in my What's In My Festival Backpack post (because it's the perfect festival item) I've become a total hand sanitizer person and love how handy these little ones actually are, you can just clip them onto anything and use them whenever you need too.

I've been really trying to switch off more recently and not spend so much time on Social Media - saying that I still find myself scrolling through Instagram at all hours, practice makes perfect though right? So I've turned my attention to reading, in particular the book I've been Reading is, Geek Girl. I'm probably not classed as the typical audience for this book but I've been loving it, I've almost finished it now!

Switched at Birth is my TV favourite from July, I binge watched this with my sister, Be My Anchor - her blogs really good by the way, yes I am biased. Anyway we watched this show from start to finish oops. To tell you a little bit about the show, it focuses around two teenage girls who find out in fact they were Switched At Birth, sounds good right? I'd honestly watch it all over again, definitely worth a watch.

Now an app favourite, told you these favourites are all over the place haha! So Pinterest, great for outfit inspo and just all of the pretty pictures. I've spent hours pinning away - you can follow me here if you like - it's totally easy to become obsessed with this and you'll find yourself scrolling through all of the pretty pictures hours that bad?

To finish my July Favourites I have a youtuber favourite, which is Fabulous Hannah (if you have any favourite youtubers, do let me know in the comments!) she is so down to earth and I love her honesty in her videos, you'll definitely find yourself chuckling along to her review videos where she tries out different beauty products, so definitely be sure to give her videos a watch.

What have been your favourite things from July?


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