Monday, 7 August 2017

New Beauty Releases

I couldn't wait to tell you some of the exciting new Beauty Releases that are just released or due out very very soon! Squeals!

Zoellas Jelly and Gelato range has just launched, it's her Summer product range and the packaging looks so pastel pretty and full of perfect Summer products which item from the range is on your wishlists? Mine is the Gelato Shower Sauce..oh who am I kidding I'd get the whole range if I could!

Have a got a treat for you guys. Launching August 30th, which is on a Wednesday - a perfect day for this release if you ask me. Behold, the pretty make up brush brand Spectrum Brushes - which I'm pretty sure you'd have seen pop up on Twitter or Instagram are launching their..wait for it..suspense..excited..their Burn Book Mean Girls inspired brush set, you can see it in the picture above, doesn't it look dreamy? A must-have for any Mean Girls fans out there! If you're looking to get your hands on this set be quick, these are sure to be a top seller!

Which beauty releases are you excited about?



  1. The Burn Book idea is SO great - Spectrum know what they're doing for sure!xx

    Lucy |

  2. I reallyyyyyyy want the Urban Decay Naked Heat - the colours are soooo pretty! <3

    1. It looks like such a nice palette! x


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